You only fail when you stop trying

It’s official, we’re in the final months of 2015. Just a little over 3 months it will be time to shake off the christmas slumber and jump start 2016.

Even though it feel like just yesterday we set those amazing resolutions goals for the year, it’s actually time to shake off that list and realize that the only time limits with have on our goals are self imposed.

One of the biggest lessons in life is realizing there is no failure but the failure to stop trying. 
Quitting plagues us all. It’s a lot easier to give up, wipe your hand clean, and forget the endeavour than to re-evaluate your failures. One of my favourite quotes ever is from Thomas Edison:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Why resolutions kinda suck

Well here’s the thing, I kind of hate resolutions. They have this unique way of lighting the fire in our bellies for the month of January, and are extremely easy to disregard February onwards. I also find they aren’t always genuine to the person they belong to. They are a great start to steer and re-evaluate the direction you hope your life will head.

You shouldn’t feel immense pressure or stress going after what you want

Failure happens. I sometimes feel resolutions get left behind so often because they’re fundamentally flawed in getting people to be accountable to their goals. In January there’s so much pressure to live this healthy and adventurous life, but if that’s not something you genuinely want, it can lead to a lot of unwanted, and unwarranted stress. What I see with this type of stress is that in the long-run it’s harmful to goals, goal setting, and success. Don’t get me wrong, going after and achieving what you want will to a lot of work. But I hope that the thought and journey to¬†achieving that goal will give you those butterfly feelings of excitement instead of sheer dread.

You can always find time if it’s important to your life

You really can. If you want to be a successful person, you have to understand the values of priorities. If writing a book before you’re 30 is something that you’re destined to do, then no amount of sleep is going to help you achieve it. Take thirty minutes a day to get your thoughts on papers, enjoy the writing process. The time constraint of resolutions really bothers me because after a certain point of the year, it becomes perfectly acceptable to procrastinate you’re life goals, delegating them to your future self in 2016. Make it a continual journey, and you’ll find more enjoyment in these accomplishments than ever before.


Sara Ruthnum

Sara is the marketing and community outreach coordinator for She is passionate about all things travel, culture and sports, and is excited to start knocking off some of her bucket list dreams in the near future. Connect with Sara by emailing or Check out Sara's bucket list here