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Welcome to the Bucket List Blog!!!

Bucket List dog
Welcome to the bucket list blog! Running with frisbee=check!

The Bucket List Blog

All right, so we’re pretty pumped about getting a blog going for the site. We’ve got big goals and plans for this thing but also know that it may take a little time for us to find our groove so hang in there and don’t hesitate to give us direction & feedback along the way.  If we were to do some blue-sky painting about what the bucket list blog will do, it would be that in some way (however big or small) it will inspire, motivate, cheerlead, and in other words do anything it can to help its readers cross things off their bucket lists.

Initially we’re thinking of many topics including (but not limited to):

  • Bucket List Ideas & Trending Items
  • Member Spotlights
  • Member experiences and stories
  • Guest bloggers
  • Tips/Tricks/How To
  • Useful resources
  • Motivational stories on how people completed their bucket list items
  • Local Spotlights and community activities
  • Videos, photos and other media
  • website and community updates, news and general going ons.
  • And anything else we come across….

So there is the plan, and we’re off to the races. ☺ Crew