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Vancouver Aquarium After Hours

If you live in Vancouver, you’ve probably been to the aquarium. If you’ve visited Vancouver, you’ve probably been to the aquarium. It is a staple of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia for over 58 years now. But, have you been to a Vancouver Aquarium After Hours Event? Have you experienced the glowing of the jellyfish with a delicious beer in your hand – and not a screaming child to be found? This wonderful adults only event, held every few months, let’s the adults of Vancouver free to explore the depths of the aquarium. And, bonus, no children crowding the view of the penguins.


During the last week in October, we were lucky enough to attend the After Hours event, and let me tell you it was fantastic. This season’s event was a Halloween theme and encouraged everyone who attended to dress up. Keeping the safety of the animals as the forefront of the event, we were advised to check out the exhibits outside first because – adorably – it was close to the otters bed time.


And if there’s one thing I love, it’s sleeping otters. We first headed to check out our furry friends and see if they really do hold hands. Next up, it was time for the penguins. Huddled in the corner of their sanctuary the penguins seemed a little scared of everyone, or maybe that’s just how penguins are. Regardless you could say the penguins were chilling….

Finally, to round out the outdoor exhibits it was time for the terrifying beluga whale show. And I know what you’re thinking, beluga’s terrifying? Well – as we all learned – they are the ghosts of the sea, but somehow they still end up looking pretty cute.

vancouver bucket list - belugas

Finally we headed indoors to gaze at the famous jelly fish, glowing in the night. There are more than 15 varieties of jellyfish on display at the aquarium. It’s mesmerizing to watch the “jellies” float about in their tanks. Take a look for yourself with the Jellies livecam.


Overall Experience – Great addition to any Vancouver Bucket List

Overall it was a fantastic evening learning all about marine life. I would suggest heading to see the 4D experience early on in the Adult Only nights, because they tend to fill up quick! The Vancouver Aquarium After Hours event is a perfect addition to any Vancouver Bucket List.

Us in awe of the sites of the aquarium.
Us in awe of the sites of the aquarium.


About the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium has been a staple of Vancouver since 1956 making it one of the most visited locations in the city. The aquarium is a non-profit and a leading marine science centre educating the world about the mysterious world that lives below the water. You can check out all about the aquarium on their website here.

Some photos from the Vancouver Aquarium’s Facebook page. You can like their page here.


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