Team building activities for world-class companies

Team Building Activities for Growing Companies

Motivating a team to do their best work can be tricky. Providing the tools and resources to achieve is important, but many managers find their teams need an extra push to unleash that extra effort. When teams are given the opportunity to bond emotionally, they actually care about who they’re working with on a daily basis. Caring about one’s team often translates to caring more about one’s work. This leads to increased productivity, easier communication, and a higher level of performance. One of the easiest ways to create an opportunity for emotional bonding is through team building activities.

Different than the typical after-work happy hour, true team building activities allow employees to get to know each other within the context of day-to-day work and build the trust and closeness that makes their job about more than a paycheck.

Here are 3 Team Building Activities that will help you build stronger relationships with your employees and teams.

  1. Shout-outs and Stand-ups 

Shout-outs are simple meetings that let employees recognize each other in public. A simple shout-out meeting might take place at the end of the week. Every employee stands in a big circle, and everyone has a chance to recognize another employee for helping them do their work that week. Allowing employees to give each other shout-outs, in front of managers and fellow employees gives visibility into everyone’s work roles, and helps build trust, empathy, and understanding. A public thank you for a very specific reason can go a long way to help employees feel appreciated and valued.

2.  Recognition Awards

As companies grow and budgets get tighter, it can be difficult to find an impressive way to reward employees without breaking the budget. To combat this, try letting your internal teams recognize the outstanding efforts of their coworkers. Instead of rewarding employees with an impersonal gift certificate or a coffee card, let your teams create a unique ‘prize’ the employee can keep on their desk for the week. Keep things fun and simple, and let the focus stay on peer recognition.

3. Goal Setting Exercises

The best way to encourage your employees to set and achieve goals in the workplace is to allow them to integrate their personal goals into the process as well. Group goal setting exercises help employees share and support each other’s efforts, and help them get to know each other in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Bucket List’s rewards and recognition platform is a great, low cost way for teams of all sizes to set goals and recognize and reward each other in real time.

Learn more about how Bucket List for corporate teams can be a seamless, low-cost, and fun way for your employees to recognize and reward each other in real time. 


Bart Wisniowski

Bart Wisniowski

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