Why you NEED a Bucket List!

Reading this, you’re probably quite aware that we like bucket lists. We LOVE bucket lists

question-1389645-mreally, but it occurred to me on the bus this morning, does anyone truly know what a bucket list even is? Or realize the potential a bucket list can have?

Well today I want to break down a few things, and answer some questions we all have, like:

1. What is a bucket list?

2. Why do I need a bucket list?

What is a bucket list?

If we go back to the roots, bucket list refers to a list of thing to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ aka (sorry to be morbid) before you die. So technically it can be anything from going to school, to buying eggs at the market. But really, a bucket list is so much more.

We like to think of a bucket list as something you’d be proud to show off. The stories you’ll remember when you’re old, grey, and wrinkly, slyly smiling about that one time you pushed yourself to greatness. A life list, of the things you want to do before you die.

From the over 2,000,000 goals added to our website, we’ve discovered that peoples bucket lists follow similar categories. They are, travel, adventure, adrenaline, family, skills, fitness, and personal development (not to say there aren’t a lot more). Just looking at the categories, these aren’t things you do everyday. To be blunt, they are achieved!

But, I know what I want to do in life, do a really need to create a bucket list?

red-check-sign-in-3d-1131446-mYES.YES.YES! A bucket list should be written down and looked at on a regular basis. I don’t know about you, but the amount of things that go through my head in a day, would make any sane persons head spin! Writing things down help me keep track and organized of my daily life, but also for my long term goals.

Studies show that people who write down there goals, and share them with friends to be more accountable are over 33% MORE successful than people that just write them down (source).

We want you to live the most amazing and fulfilled lives, that’s why we are in production for the bucket list app. Launching this spring, you’ll be able to check your bucket list on the go, learn tips and tricks from the pros in achieving your goals, and be inspired by the hundreds of thousands or like minded individuals who are wanting to live the best life possible!

But we need your help! Starting the first week of April, we’ll be launching our crowd-funding campaign, where you can help our dreams come true, and in turn contribute to an app with the power of changing the world!

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