The Most Epic Road Trip – A Bucket List Story


We all must dream and we all must

Bucket List idea – Go on an Epic Road Trip [check]

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The beauty about adventure is that sometimes you never know what you’re getting yourself into. You head out on your own, one item at a time, next thing you know, you found three or four things that should have been on the list in the first place. Bucket list growth or the bucket list effect is all natural, in fact it must be the adventure pheromones just attracting other adventures!

These bucket list adventures that lead to other unexpected excitement are by far my favorite! For example a surf adventure can lead to surfing, but also camping, shmores, running on the beach, putting a message in a bottle, or even shaving your buddies head! The most memorable adventures are always spontaneous and these are things that when you look back you will be so, oh so glad you did them before kicking the bucket.

For me the largest bucket list effect call to arms was a road trip with some good buddies. With university behind us we set out to shake off the cobwebs of the library by embracing sunshine, lollipops and zero F***s to give! My friends and I conquered the west this way.

We drove down from Vancouver, British Columbia  down the coast to Los Angeles and looped back up through Las Vegas.

After our first long drive we had a proper stay for a two nights in Portland. I separated from the buds and headed to an awesome little café to finish up that last final paper I had due. I know lame… but wherever I went, I did not miss out on what Portland truly perfected, food trucks, hipsters and beer! But what ever you do, don’t forget to get your picture with the elephant bum!

elephant bum portland bl


Then off to the campsites along the coast with warm weather, good tunes, good buds, and a dedicated driver eager to get to the campsite to crack a frosty. I highly recommend camping along the coast. It leads to some classic, must go onto your bucket list stuff. Such as seeing the entirety of this beautiful coast, my professional meadow frolicking moments, but more importantly driving through a tree!




From there on out it was big cities San Francisco, Los Angeles and then Vegas. Each deserves a blurb of its own and each has a story between the destinations.

unnamed (1)

In the end, the things that you take away are very important! Like don’t spend more than a weekend in Vegas, Drakes Bay has the best oysters, always use the washroom when there is a chance, and don’t stare at a mermaids tail or an elephants bum for too long – it’s rude. These cheesy lessons and tourist moments combined with the big, awesome wonders of the world are truly what make a fantastic bucket list road trip.

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Bucket List Idea #4 – Road Trip

Pack your bags, gas up the car, it’s time for a road trip! Whether your going cross country, or a couple hours away, here’s why taking a road trip is one of the best bucket list ideas ever! Let me paint a picture for you – you’re cruisin’ down the highway, windows open, your favourite song playing on the radio, not a care in the world. That is the beauty of a road trip. Here at we believe that it’s all about the journey, not just the destination so why not plan out a mini bucket list to hit in the process!

The Ultimate Road Trip Bucket List

1. Choose a soundtrack for your adventure

There is nothing like having the most perfect song come on the radio on your road trip. A singalong is a road trip right of passage! It’s a great way to create memories. I can’t tell you how many songs that are tied to these mini vacations. Making the perfect playlist is the first step in having the perfect trip.

2. Stop at a small town nobodies heard of before

I come from Saskatchewan, a province in Canada thats surrounded with hundreds of unexplored towns. Making a quick pit stop always turned into something more exciting. From discovering the best old fashioned ice cream to seeing the world largest easter egg, small town are full of gems to be discovered.

3. Make a food passport

I love food. So this idea appealed to me a lot! A food passport is simply documenting all the exciting, noteworthy or classic meals that you want to try when your on your road trip! Its an awesome souvenir as well, and a good way to keep track of the best (or sometimes worst) meals of your life.

4. Camp under the stars

Driving through the country gives you the opportunity that most of us city dwellers just don’t have, the chance to see the stars. And not just the north star that shines so bright, but a beautiful sky. Camping is cost effective and a sweet way to connect with nature. If your lucky enough to living in a warm environment, camping under the stars can be one of the most memorable and freeing experiences, thats totally instagram worthy, but you’ll be too in shock of the beauty to take photos.

5. Keep a photo diary

Road trips are meant for the spontaneous. Document your journey from taking a group shot in front of your vehicle to all of the adventures you’ll take. It’s also a great gift to compile the photos from your trip and give it to your travelling companion. Something they’ll treasure for a very long time!



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The Great American Bucket List

America the beautiful really  lives up to its name! With so many places to see and things to do it was hard to curate this list! So I’m sure in time we will most definitely be adding to it and expanding to the more obscure and delightful.

The Great American Bucket List

However…. Today I give to you my friends, the GREAT American Bucket List!

Here are my top 10 picks of things you’ve got to see before you kick the bucket in the good old US of A!

1. The Statue of Liberty – New York, New York

Take a Snapshot of Lady Liberty herself and relish in all that she stands for! To many she is a great symbol of freedom, to others she is simply a beautiful statue, but however you perceive her, she is a must see!


2. The Grand Canyon – Arizona / Nevada

No American bucket list would be complete without one of mother natures greatest wonders. Words really don’t express its beauty. If you’re up for an adventure, check out another great American bucket list idea: Rafting the Grand Canyon.

3. Mount Rushmore – South Dakota

Say hello to George, Theodore, Abe and Jefferson in one of America’s National Park! The gigantic monument is truly a sight to see!


4. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

The keeper of the bay city, the Golden Gate Bridge is a fantastic feat of engineering! Rent a bike an cruse across the bridge to see some fantastic views, and spend some time in the clouds.

5. Ride the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

Possibly one of the most iconic piers in the world, the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier has appeared in countless movies and tv shows celebrating California’s pristine coast!

6. Take a Road Trip Down Route 66

Spanning from Illinois to the California coast, the iconic Route 66 is one of the worlds most infamous road trips in the USA. See all the priceless (and wonderfully kitschy) attractions along the way.

7. Climb the Stairway to Heaven – Oahu, Hawaii

The name says it all! To start with, you’ll be in gorgeous Hawaii. Secondly, the view from the top of the hike is unlike any other in America. The crystal clear waters and tropical forests surroundings will make you feel like you are in paradise.

8. Visit the French Quarters in New Orleans

Who Dat nation centers around the area of the city! Bonus, try to visit during Mardi Gras and cross off going to one of the most famous festivals at the same time!

9. Say Hello to Barack Obama at the White House

Well the President may be a little busy, but at least you can send him a little wave from behind the gates of the White House.

10. Take a Picture of Your Reflection in the Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park

Finally, Chicago’s an amazing city and one of the coolest sculptures in the Bean!

It was so hard to choose only 10 of our favourites activities so let us know what else you think should be on the Great American Bucket List!

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