The 5 most difficult bucket list items to accomplish

Working for Bucketlist, has given me some pretty neat insights into people’s goals and ambitions. Not only the incredibly inspirational successes, but also some interesting tidbits on life. And although not impossible, these next 5 goals seem to be the most challenging to achieve – for some reason or another.

* We calculated this list by dividing the number of people who included this goal on their list (doing) by the number of people who have completed it (done) to get the percentage of completion – based on over 245,000 members.


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Bucketlist Roundup – The Top 5 Bucket List Achievements of the Week

A couple weeks ago, we announced the new release of the completed goals on Bucketlist and asked for members to send their best and brightest bucket list accomplishments to us! We were astonished – and oh so proud – of all of the awesome things that you all have achieved. So much so that we can’t help but share the inspiration in this weeks bucket list achievements round up (just click on the image to read more or add to your list). (more…)

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When in doubt be Arnold.

Listen to the wise, wise words of former Governor Schwarzenegger

Arnold may be the butt of many jokes now, but let’s never forget, he is an exceptionally devoted and successful achiever. When he sets his mind on accomplishing a goal, he crushes it. From becoming Mr. Olympia, to dominating movie franchises, to marrying a Kennedy, to running the sunny state of California, we here in the Bucket List community would call Arnold a goal setting superstar. Here’s to Arnold and his top 10 most motivational quotes and how you can terminate your bucket list – sorry couldn’t help it.


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Hang gliding

Hang Gliding: Fly Like Superman

Hang gliding is the perfect bucket list goal for those who’ve always wished for the super power to fly.

A hang glider is a triangular sail with an aluminum frame. This is different from a paraglider, which is more of a parachute. In a hang glider, you’re facing down and forward – like you’re flying – while in a paraglider, you’re in more of a seated position. The two are often confused, with paragliding showing up on more bucket lists, but I’d like you to consider hang gliding too.

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What a bucket list really means…

The value and beauty of a bucket list is what you make of it.

Some of us have one in the back of our minds, always thinking, I hope to do that before I die. While others are all about a never-ending list of adventure and excitement, planned to a tee.

I, however, lie somewhere in between. Not quite on top of everything, but a fan of the growing list strategy. It wasn’t until I started working for Bucket List that I realized the true potential a bucket list has on impacting my life and the world I live in.
Unlocking human potential is possibly the greatest gift we can give humanity, and it all begins by writing down dreams and putting them into action. Don’t believe me? Let me break down some of the most popular goals:

Travel = personal development

Travel goals are some of the most popular goals on the website. People are intrigued in seeing the world. Although there are a lot of beautiful things to see, one of the best parts of the journey is the people you’ll meet. And with that, personal development is a natural step when you begin to understand the world around you.


Adrenaline = builds confidence

Adrenaline junkies, or extreme sport enthusiast often do things that are just downright terrifying. But even the most extreme person, feels fear. Fear is only natural, it’s how you react that’s important. Conquering fears only brings confidence.

Charitable work = the obvious, helping a brother out.

Finally, one of the most frequently added goals to many peoples bucket lists is to do some sort of charitable work. Improving the world, one bucket list at a time.


“The greatest journey begins with a single step”

So let’s start living the best life possible.


Tips to help your bucket list take flight

1. Start with a single goal, and break that goal into actionable steps.

Looking at a list of 100 goals is amazing, but at the same time very overwhelming. I myself have things on my bucket list that I know I won’t be able to achieve for a very long time. By segmenting up your bucket list and breaking down individual goals, you all of a sudden create goals that are completable.

2. Failure is a natural part of success

Yes, I know I’m sounding like a motivational poster, but it’s true. I’ve failed, you’ve failed, we’ve all failed! But the beauty is that there’s always time to get up and try again. If a goal doesn’t work out don’t see it as a sign to quit, just an opportunity to try again.

3. Have fun

If your bucket list goals seem like chores, most likely you aren’t going to want to achieve them. Yes hard work may be necessary to be successful, but at least 60% of the time you should be enjoying the process. If “to get in the best shape of your life” is a goal of yours don’t go on a crash diet, and run 15 miles a day, join a Zumba class, or a running group, or even just call up your friend and walk around the park. Life’s too short to not enjoy it!

Feeling Inspired?

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Bucket List Idea #5- Scuba Diving with Sharks

When you go scuba diving in shark-infested waters, your dive instructor will give you this advice: Keep your hands close to you and stay at a safe distance. But if the sharks want a piece of you, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

That warning didn’t deter one family from suiting up, plunging in, and getting up close and personal with dozens of silky sharks and Caribbean reef sharks off the coast of Cuba. Brothers Ron and Gabe and their mother, Elena, took up an invitation from a family friend to spend a week in one of the world’s Meccas for scuba diving, Jardines de la Reina (The Queen’s Gardens), an archipelago off the southern coast of Cuba that contains some of the last undisturbed coral reefs that divers can access.

The family flew into Havana and spent a day exploring the city’s architecture, which dates all the way back to the 1600s, and getting to know the locals, who were friendly and warm. Then they took a six-hour bus ride to the southern end of the island and boarded a boat to the Jardines, where they were lucky enough to have permits for a well-kept secret of a diving spot.


Ron said diving with sharks was “very scary at first. At first you see only one or two sharks pass by, but in certain areas there were several more. And when the guides brought out food, several dozen sharks appeared.” But after a while the divers eased into it—comforted by the fact that their guides had never had a serious incident in eighteen years of excursions—and enjoyed the wonder of swimming with sharks.

The most amazing part, Ron said, was that silky sharks’ spinal column is configured in a way that allows divers to grab them by the tail. “At that point the sharks temporarily enter this limbo sleeping state, and you can HOLD THEM LIKE A PRIZE!” It was unbelievable, he continued. “One of the coolest moments in my life.”

Video Editing Software

The group spent six days aboard the boat, diving every day, exploring the white-sand beaches, and enjoying fresh-caught fish.

“It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” exclaimed Ron. “I had little to know idea what Cuba, of all countries, would be like—but the high spirits of the people quickly raised my spirits. By far, though, the highlight was the intimacy with the sharks.”

When the family got home, they took their footage and photos to the video editing pros at VideoTov. They uploaded their files to the online platform and gave the editor instructions on how they wanted the video to look.

The editor, Anthony Gourdine, said that the goal of the video was “to give the family and the viewer a chance to relive their vacation in Cuba while trying to keep the mood fun and energetic.”

Working together, they created an amazing, professional video to share with friends—and now they’re sharing it with you. Check it out:

Learn more about VideoTov.

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