Team building activities for world-class companies

Team Building Activities for Growing Companies

Motivating a team to do their best work can be tricky. Providing the tools and resources to achieve is important, but many managers find their teams need an extra push to unleash that extra effort. When teams are given the opportunity to bond emotionally, they actually care about who they’re working with on a daily basis. Caring about one’s team often translates to caring more about one’s work. This leads to increased productivity, easier communication, and a higher level of performance. One of the easiest ways to create an opportunity for emotional bonding is through team building activities.

Different than the typical after-work happy hour, true team building activities allow employees to get to know each other within the context of day-to-day work and build the trust and closeness that makes their job about more than a paycheck.

Here are 3 Team Building Activities that will help you build stronger relationships with your employees and teams.

  1. Shout-outs and Stand-ups 

Shout-outs are simple meetings that let employees recognize each other in public. A simple shout-out meeting might take place at the end of the week. Every employee stands in a big circle, and everyone has a chance to recognize another employee for helping them do their work that week. Allowing employees to give each other shout-outs, in front of managers and fellow employees gives visibility into everyone’s work roles, and helps build trust, empathy, and understanding. A public thank you for a very specific reason can go a long way to help employees feel appreciated and valued.

2.  Recognition Awards

As companies grow and budgets get tighter, it can be difficult to find an impressive way to reward employees without breaking the budget. To combat this, try letting your internal teams recognize the outstanding efforts of their coworkers. Instead of rewarding employees with an impersonal gift certificate or a coffee card, let your teams create a unique ‘prize’ the employee can keep on their desk for the week. Keep things fun and simple, and let the focus stay on peer recognition.

3. Goal Setting Exercises

The best way to encourage your employees to set and achieve goals in the workplace is to allow them to integrate their personal goals into the process as well. Group goal setting exercises help employees share and support each other’s efforts, and help them get to know each other in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Bucket List’s rewards and recognition platform is a great, low cost way for teams of all sizes to set goals and recognize and reward each other in real time.

Learn more about how Bucket List for corporate teams can be a seamless, low-cost, and fun way for your employees to recognize and reward each other in real time. 


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Live life with a little spice

“Variety’s the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” – William Cowper

About a year ago, this article changed my life.

Working for a company like Bucketlist can sometimes have its challenges mainly  because you’re inundated with a constant reminder that the end is inevitable. However I’ve learned to take this as the ultimate blessing in disguise – even when I have to verbally remind myself of the privileged position I’m in – because through a random sequence of events, I am here, working for an amazing company that encourages myself and thousands of people around the world to live life. It’s all about living, and in the end, like that fatally poignant article suggests, people don’t remember the hate, or the daily grind.  (more…)

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How to live the life of your bucket list dreams

What’s the difference between dreams, goals, and reality?
[Tweet ” Goals are dreams with a plan, and realities are goals that have come to fruition. “]

In 2015 there is very little left that’s completely impossible to achieve. Space travel is becoming commercialize, we are more connected than ever to far off places, and ideas are shared between thousands of people in a single tweet.


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2 Things Every Person on Earth Needs To Do Before They Die

The phenomenon that is ‘bucket lists’ really owes it’s catalyst to the 2007 movie “The Bucket List”  – fantastic movie, and if you haven’t  seen it, I highly recommend you do. So here’s a little bit of a spoiler, the two main characters, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are both diagnosed with terminal illness’s, which is why they decide to pursue their dreams, before the clock runs out. And although the movie is chocked full of inspirational quotes and tear-jerking scenes, there was one scene, in particular, that really really resonated with me. (more…)

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If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker

“Do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.”
– Tim Ferris The 4-hour Workweek 

Surround yourself with the best people


From a young age, I really tried to fit in with the ‘cool kids,’ which was difficult considering since around the 5th grade I’ve been 5’11”. As so many people know at that age when you stand out in any way, you don’t fit-in. And when you’re growing up in a small-ish town, you tend to go to school with the same people, making it nearly impossible to reinvent yourself, or be seen in a different light. (more…)

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3 Life Lessons from a Reluctant Goal Setter

Some people in this world are born with amazing drive, determination, and desire to figure out what they want in this life and go get it. I am not one of those people. I always knew I liked to do cool sh*t and make a memorable impact on the world, but, honestly, just the idea of “goal setting” annoyed me. I always thought setting goals was something reserved for brown-nosing keeners. To simplify it, it really just wasn’t my thing.


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Bucket List Failure

Failure as Part of the Bucket List Experience

Are some of your bucket list goals pretty wild? Way outside your comfort zone, not to mention your budget, skills or abilities? And are you afraid you may try and fail at some of these goals?

Then you and I have something in common.

My bucket list is the To Do list of an adventurous, athletic, wealthy genius. I love who I see when I look at that list: Michelle on top of mountains, Michelle racing cars, Michelle learning languages and living like an expat, owning a radio station and fighting with nunchucks.

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Three critical steps to achieving your life goals

Many people have things they want to achieve in life before they ‘kick the bucket,’ from losing weight, running a marathon, or even falling love. What’s interesting is that some people are able to consistently achieve their goals while many of struggle to stay on track. But why is that?

There’s loads of information online telling people how to set goals, but surprisingly, very little in the way of scientific research describing best practices. That is until Gail Mathews came along. Gail, from California’s Dominican University, conducted a fascinating study on goal achievement. The study took a group of 267 people and broke them into several groups.

The results of the study gives us good insight on how to set and achieve our goals.


Here’s how the groups were broken up:

  1.  Group one: some individuals were asked to think about their goals (but not write them down)
  2. Group two: was asked to identify and write down their goals
  3. Group three: was asked to write down goals and actionable commitments
  4. Group four: had to write goals, action items and share with a friend
  5. Group five: do all the above and provide a weekly status update to a friend

At the end of the study, the individuals in Group 1 only accomplished 43 percent of their stated goals. Those in Group 4 accomplished 64 percent of their stated goals, while those in Group 5 were the most successful, with an average 76 percent of their goals accomplished.

chart of goals achieved


Matthews shows that people who wrote down their goals, shared this information with a friend, and sent weekly updates to that friend were on average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated goals. Reference

  • Write your goals down: those with written goals achieve more than those who did not write them down.
  •  Share them with friends: by making your goals public you’re creating accountability.
  •  Check in regularly: doing weekly updates is a powerful way to keep goals top of mind and to ensure that we stay on track.


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