Positive Corporate Culture

5 Signs of a Positive Workplace Culture

If you want a successful business, it’s important to create a positive workplace culture. Culture ensures employees are engaged and enthusiastic about your company’s mission.

Culture can be defined as the reality of working at your company. It’s the attitude of the internal group, which creates the public face to your company’s clients and customers.

Culture is the sum of what spills out onto the general public and is the basis of your company’s image and success.

Here are 5 Signs that your company is on the right track when it comes to positive workplace culture:

  1. Low Turnover

The first thing you notice in a positive, thriving workplace is the number of tenured employees present. When people have been with a company 3 years or more, it shows that employees see a clear career path for themselves, and that they are engaged with the company’s overall mission.  

FACT: One third of all new hires quit their job within the first 6 months of employment. Source.


  1. Employee Advocacy

In healthy workplaces, employees encourage and invite their friends and colleagues to fill open positions. They also actively promote their company’s culture and celebrate each other’s wins.

FACT: Referred employees have a 45% retention rate after 2 years. Source.


  1. Smiling Faces

This one’s easy. Have you ever walked into an office and just felt that something was wrong? The receptionist wasn’t friendly, there was a sharpness in the air, or something just felt off. Often, the signs of a healthy culture are front and center. People who are smiling, talking, and generally happy are most likely working harder and are more productive.

FACT: Happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees. Source.  


  1. Teams Communicate and Work Together

Healthy culture within a company is also represented by how teams work together and communicate. Do they freely share information, support each other’s initiatives and goals? A positive workplace culture will encourage and align internal teams to work in concert with each other.

FACT: 39% of surveyed employees believe people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. Source.


  1. Great Tools and Processes

Once a company has established core values and a solid mission, great tools and processes put in place will help them live that culture to the fullest.


There are a number of tools, systems you can implement to get a good sense of your employee engagement is like. 

One of the best tools for retention, recognition, and advocacy is Bucket List, which helps employees recognize each other and employers reward each other for their accomplishments.


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