10 things to add to your Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about this time of year that makes me so excited for summer to start. The sun’s out, the trees are in full blossom, and it’s time to start whipping out your summer wardrobe. I have a feeling my summer bucket list will be growing to a mile long in no time, but let’s just start with the top 10 things (activities, goals, trips, etc) that you NEED to add to your Summer 2014 Bucket List!


1. Road Trip

Summer = spontaneity. Have a free weekend, grab a buddy, pack up the car and drive! Life is all about the adventures you make. This will make me sound like a fortune cookie, but it’s all about the journey. Blast some Beyonce (if you’re into that…and you should be) roll down the windows and just drive. If you’re looking to complete a mini bucket list within a bucket list, take a gander at our Ultimate Road Trip Bucket List!

2. Summer music festival

Maybe because this summer I’m particularly impressed with the music festival lineups (check out Pemberton) but I’m itching to cross this bad boy off my bucket list. And I may also have bad jealousy to everyone who is at Coachella right now (send us a pic, let us live through you).

3. Camp on the beach

As someone pointed out so poignantly on our Instagram account, make sure you can high enough away from the tide, so you’re now swept away during the middle of the night, even though that would be a pretty cool story.

4. Learn to surf/boogie board/wakeboard/skimboard

To me summer means water sports. But I understand that some of you’s aren’t so lucky to have the ocean a stones throw away… So I left this goal a little open, because lakes are just as awesome.


5. Go fruit picking and bake (mmmm)

Fresh fruit in the summer is simply the best, but fresh fruit in a pie is even better.

6. Host a bbq/summer solstice party

Why not kick off the start of summer with a bang! Since June 21 is the official start of summer, and the shortest night of the year, things just sort of make sense! Plus since it is the shortest night of the year, this party is the perfect place to complete #8!

7. Watch Fireworks

A summer staple, watching fireworks with family and friends is a must do for every summer bucket list!

8. Watch the sunrise (after staying awake all night)

There is something so magical about staying up all night to watch the sun rise on a warm summer evening. The silence is beautiful as everything is still, for even just a moment.

9. Volunteer at your local park clean up

Since old man winter was a particularly nasty one for so many of us this year, the parks got quite a beating. Help make your local community as beautiful as the people living in it.


10. Finally (and most crucially) make the perfect S’more

No explanation needed, but we’ll volunteer as quality control, for the sake of your goal!

Got anything you’re dying to do this summer? Let us know, we’ll keep adding to the list!

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Sara Ruthnum

Sara is the marketing and community outreach coordinator for Bucketlist.org. She is passionate about all things travel, culture and sports, and is excited to start knocking off some of her bucket list dreams in the near future. Connect with Sara by emailing sara@bucketlist.org or linkedin.com/in/sararuthnum. Check out Sara's bucket list here http://bucketlist.org/list/sara.ruthnum/