New Goal Suggestion Feature on Your Profile

Bucketlisters, exciting news! This week we’ve added a new feature to your profile… GOAL SUGGESTION!

Do you sometimes find it difficult to think of awesome things to add to your bucket list? Well you’re in luck. In three superquick (is that a word) steps, you could be growing your list in no time! Inspiration is after all the first step to success!

1. Log in to your┬áprofile and click edit like John Doe below…

goal suggestion 1(why so serious Jonny?)






2. Add your interests, like traveling, adventure, skills, being awesome… ­čśë

goal 2

3. Hit save et voila mon amie! Your suggested goals will be shown in the right bar of your profile! I think John and I would get along… kudos on the Harry Potter suggestions.

goal 3














Try it out for yourself today, by logging into your account! Not yet a member, well we can fix that! Create your list for free to track and achieve your life goals!