The Irish Bucket List

Mackenzie-GuinnessIreland is many people’s favorite place in Europe. The accent, the food, the history, and the pubs, all make it a really fun place to visit.  You could spend all of your time in a pub, just hanging out, talking to locals, or enjoying the green-ness of everything and feel totally fulfilled with your visit. I know many people who have done just that! But if you want to cross a few things off your bucket list while you’re there I have some ideas for you.

5 Bucket List Ideas for Ireland

1. Drink Guinness

You can find Guinness everywhere in Ireland. I recommend drinking it whenever you can, but I’m just in love with the black stuff.  You can visit the Storehouse in Dublin where you learn how it’s made and have two free drinks. Worth a visit just for that.

2. Visit the Aran Islands

Off the coast of western Ireland near the Cliffs of Moher are three islands that make up the Aran Islands. These islands have nice beaches to dip your toes in cool water, plenty of restaurants and pubs, and horse-drawn carts for sightseeing.  These islands are a departure from typical Ireland and deserve a visit.Mackenzie-Blarney2

 3. Kiss the Blarney Stone

Everyone’s heard of the Blarney Stone.  Near Cork, Blarney Castle is a massive attraction for people who just want to kiss the stone.  There is also a small complex or gardens and forest around the castle ruins. But up at the top of the castle, you can wait in line for your turn at the Blarney Stone.

Lay on your back, lean over a scary ledge while you’re held by a lovely Irish man giving you instructions, and pucker up.  Just remember the sanitizer after…

 Mackenzie-cliffs24. Cliffs of Moher

On the west coast of Ireland, south of Galway, the Cliffs are spectacular.  Viewed from either land or sea, you will be impressed by their size. Walk along the path near the edge to get as much out of the cliffs as possible.

5. Giant’s Causeway

Though this is in Northern Ireland I’m including it because it’s a must-see if you’re on the island.  You can visit the Causeway by car or tour but alone with seeing a natural wonder you’ll visit a slightly different culture in the north.  There’s also a museum near the Causeway where you can learn about the formation of the rocks.

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Mackenzie Miller

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