Finding Your Core Values – Bucket list University

Here at we absolutely love to set goals. But what we love even more, is the rush of excitement when you finally cross an item off your list!

Success isn’t always easy, but with the right inspiration, motivation and (sometimes) perspiration, we just know you’ll be crushing your bucket list in no time!


So let’s dive in to the Bucketlist Univeristy series, teaching you, young grasshopper, to be the master within… or something along those lines. Having a strong foundation for your goal setting, means knowing your core values! Today we’ll be looking at ways your can find your core values and why they are so crucial in succeeding in checking off those items on your bucket list!

Core Values – What Are They?

Let’s start with the basics. Core values are our beliefs, our passions. The things that get you out of the bed in the morning, and the inner compass that help guide your everyday decisions.  Some examples of core values are family, fitness, adventure, independence, balance, kindness, etc. But there are infinite examples of what they could be, as long as they are important to you and your everyday actions.

By finding your core values, you can use them as the foundation for your bucket list goals. See them as the base of your pyramid of success!

How to find your own?

The truth of the matter is, you probably are aware, on one level or another, what some of your core values are! But writing them down is often the first step to successful goal setting.

So here is a little exercise  we’ve developed! Get out a notebook and start writing your core values down!

Writing Core Values

Ask yourself these three questions…

  • If you asked your closest friends what your three most defining qualities are, what would they say?
  • What deeply held values define who you are, and affect how you operate in the world?
  • If a stranger were to observe you for a day, what would they say are your biggest characteristics?

Three loaded questions, I know! But by taking a good look at how you act on a day-to-day bases from both an internal look and an external look will help you nail down your core values in no time!

Core Values and your Bucket List

By having goal that align with your core values, you will be more likely to dedicate your time and efforts to achieving a goal. Like we mentioned before, core values are the foundation to any smart goal setters achievement.

So make sure your foundation is strong. Setting goals outside of your core values could be a reason so many of us fail to achieve our goals! If your foundation, or reasoning, behind why you set a goal is weak, then the next steps in achieving your goal will always be a little shaky!

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