Irish Bucket List: Have a Pint of Guinness at the Source (Guinness Storehouse, Dublin)

Guinness Perfect Pour
A line up of perfectly poured Guinness

To be honest, I didn’t know that much about Guinness prior to the tour, and I had only had a few pints on the odd occasion. From the moment the concierge experience started I was intrigued.

The Concierge tour retails at €25 and is well worth it. I spent about two hours with eight other individuals in a private bar with one of the most knowledgeable (and funny), bartenders I’ve ever met.

We were greeted by an immaculately clean bar surrounded by ancient family portraits and family heirlooms. The one modern feature was the bar counter which had a cool back lighting.

Over the period of the next two hours I was able to try a wide variety of Guinness products ranging from Guinness Draft, Stout, Extra Strong Stout and some other varieties.

Everybody had a chance to liberally taste a large variety of yummy beers and by the end of the tour the bar was full of empty bottles and satisfied connoisseurs.

The bartender shared a load of great facts and stories, I don’t want to steal his thunder so all I’ll say is you’ve got to add this to your bucket list. You’re going to love it!

Our friendly Guinness Bartender
Our friendly Guinness Bartender

The highlight of the concierge experience had to be when we were taught to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. It was surprisingly fun and a little stressful as the perfect pour is definitely an art. As Tommy, our concierge guide put it, “we are surrounded by Guinness and we should only enjoy the perfectly poured pint.” A process that takes 119.5 seconds which is the perfect mixture of froth and beer. Anything deemed imperfect would be poured down the drain. One by one we took our turn at the taps and nearly all of us poured a damn fine pint of Guinness.

Guinness learning the perfect pour
Learning the perfect pour

The Guinness storefront (brewery) gets over one million visitors a year making it Ireland’s biggest tourist attraction.

I did the tour with my wife, and she said it was one of the highlights of an action packed trip.




Tips and recommendations

  • Add “Have a Pint of Guinness at the Source”this to your bucket list here
  • There are two tours, the regular tour, which is great. You get to see the full facility and learn about the brewing process and company’s history, you can book online here.
  • What really made this an amazing experience was the intimate concierge experience, which you can book here. You can book online here.
  • Bring a camera, the tour is surprisingly visual, I’m talking waterfalls, architecture and great graphic art.
  • After the tour go take in the Skybar, if you’re lucking enough to catch Dublin on a sunny day you’ll be greeted with spectacular views.
  • The busiest months at the Guinness Storehouse for visitor is July and August. The Guinness Storehouse welcomes nearly 1.1 million visitors per year.
  • Pre-booking is not required. If you book online you’ll receive a 10% discount off adult admission and skip the queue on arrival.
  • To learn more visit the Guinness website here:


  • The Concierge experience 9.5 out of 10 and of course I’d highly recommend it.
Jason Lindstrom (me) enjoying a pint of Guinness


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