Bonnie Scotland – The Scottish Bucket List

I know, I know, I’m a few days late, but Happy Robbie Burns Day! For those of you that don’t know, Robbie Burns was a poet and lyricist often called Scotland’s son.

In honour of his life we’ve compiled our top ten things to do and see if you’re ever in the beautiful country!

But first a little background information on one of my favourite places in the world!

scotland bucket list

(embarrassing, but that’s me on the left dressed head to toe in my Scottish gear!)

A Wee Bit About Scotland

Scotland, the birthplace of Brave Heart and the Loch Ness Monster, to many that would be enough of a draw to go, but trust me there really is so much more! From rolling hills, to medieval architecture, and even to the best whiskey in the world, Scotland has so much to offer! The capital city Edinburgh, is surrounded by priceless architecture most notably the Edinburgh Castle perched on top of the hill overlooking the city.

The Scottish Bucket List

1. Take a sip of Lagavulin Whiskey in Islay, Scotland

If you’re a Parks and Rec fan you’ll know about Lagavulin Whiskey, the drink of choice for the Ron Swanson (i.e. the manliest man in the world). And maybe I’ve been watching too much P&R but drinking a glass of whiskey from the source while breathing the highland air sounds wonderful to me!

2. Visit the Puffins

Puffin colonies take up resident along the coast of Scotland and spend their summers on the beach (sounds like a sweet vacation). If you want to catch a glimpse of these comical and ever so cute birds, check out the Isle of May…around May and you’ll almost be guaranteed to see a puffin in real life!

3. Take a tour of Edinburgh Castle

Located on castle rock, dominating the Edinburgh skyline, Edinburgh Castle is one of the most perfect castles that I have had the pleasure of visiting. With sprawling views the castle was a prominent feature in many of the battles of independence! Just one of the many fun facts you’ll learn on the tours!

4. Spot Nessy in Loch Ness

No matter what anybody tells you, the Loch Ness Monster is real! And I have photographic evidence! Take a look below, the blurry dot in the middle is the definitive proof! Don’t believe me? Head there yourself, it is also one of the most gorgeous views in nature, if you’re not lucky enough to spot Nessy!


5. Take a swig of Iron Brew

Did you know that Iron Brew was recently banned in Canada? I know I’m outraged too! The orange liquid of the God’s doesn’t actually contain any iron, but it is a bit of an acquired taste! Iron Brew and Scotland go hand in hand like apple pie and America.

6. Visit the William Wallace Memorial

William Wallace (aka Brave Heart) is the pride of Scotland. Sacrificing life and limb for the great nation! The memorial located about an hour outside of Glasgow houses the original sword of William Wallace and is about the size of a tall human being! It’s something spectacular to see.

7. Participate in a Burns Supper

The Burns Supper is a quintessential Scottish Activity! The supper includes an introduction of the traditional haggis by one of the smoothest instruments in the world… The bagpipes. Topped off with some poetry and some whiskey, you’ll be a resident Scot after attending one of these.

8. Hike one of Scotland’s Great Trails

Moore walk (or hill walk) through some of the best trails in Britain. There are so many stunning natural sights to see along the way. And the best part is, you can take the family and tick off a bite-sized chunk of one of the routes, do a bit each weekend or tackle the whole route in one go. A great family bucket list idea.

9. Experience a Scottish Ceilidh

A highland ceilidh refers to a party where you partake in traditional highland dancing to gaelic music, but really it is so much more! The whole community gets involved and its a chance to show off your best jig!

10. Attend the highland games

Finally, the highland games are globally renowned and take place during the summer months. Feats of strength? Check! Delicious food? Check! Dancing? Check! Really? What more could you ever want?

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