Bucket List Destination Idea – Tanzania

I’m not sure if many of you can tell from some of the older blog articles… but I kind of really want to go on an African Safari. In fact it’s one of my top travel bucket list destinations that I want to do before the time I hit 30.

There is just so much to be discovered in the beautiful country that just draws me in…. and I think you’ll be just as enamoured with Tanzania. So here’s why I think Tanzania is the puuurrrfect bucket list destination.

But first, a little background info is in order. Tanzania is borders the Indian ocean, and has long been acclaimed as one of the best places you have to see before you die. Here’s a little fun fact about the country, did you know Tanzania has both the highest and lowest points of Africa?

4 Reasons Tanzania is the Perfect Bucket List Destination

1. You can go on a safari

Well, the intro pretty much summed it up, I think safaris are the best. Seeing an abundance of animals in the wild, animals I’d only previously seen in the Lion King, would probably be one of the best moments of my young life so far. I know my chances of seeing Pumbaa, Timon, and Simba all happily playing together on the savannah are pretty slim, but let me hold on to that 1% chance that they might all break out into Hakuna Matata.

zebra tanzania

lion tanzania

giraffe tanzania


2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa (fun fact), and one of the most sought after peaks to climb in the world. Here’s a story from our own founding partner, Jason, on his experience hiking to the peak,

“My wife and I climbed Kilimanjaro as a part of our honeymoon. It was an amazing experience. My wife, was wonderful and booked the whole trip with our travel agent. We used a guide company called Wild Safari. We hiked Rongai route which took us five nights. The route was surprisingly mellow (and flat for the first few days). You could’ve ridden a bike up the trail if it wasn’t so dusty and sandy. Although we were scheduled to go on a group hike it turned out that it was just my wife and I supported by approximately 5-6 guides and porters. We were totally spoiled, when we arrived at camp each day dinner would be cooked and our tent was already set up. My dad, who’s an avid climber/hiker says this isn’t really hiking but I had a great time. As we approached the summit, the elevation became very noticeable. I was in decent shape having just come off triathlon training and was comfortable running long distances but on summit day I was totally winded. I’m going to keep adding to this post over time.”

kilamanjaro tanzania

digitalphotography.net3. Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Tanzania borders the Indian Ocean and boasts some of the worlds finest beaches in the world. Safaris, meet tropics, meet beaches, sounds like paradise to me.

tanzania bucket list 1

4. Experience Maasai Culture

The Maasai culture is distinctive in customs and dress, traditional and nomadic to the land. I’m sure I’m not doing the Maasai people any justice by trying to tell you about them, so as they say, a picture says a thousand words.

masaii 2(photomaasai tanzania

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10 things to add to your Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about this time of year that makes me so excited for summer to start. The sun’s out, the trees are in full blossom, and it’s time to start whipping out your summer wardrobe. I have a feeling my summer bucket list will be growing to a mile long in no time, but let’s just start with the top 10 things (activities, goals, trips, etc) that you NEED to add to your Summer 2014 Bucket List!


1. Road Trip

Summer = spontaneity. Have a free weekend, grab a buddy, pack up the car and drive! Life is all about the adventures you make. This will make me sound like a fortune cookie, but it’s all about the journey. Blast some Beyonce (if you’re into that…and you should be) roll down the windows and just drive. If you’re looking to complete a mini bucket list within a bucket list, take a gander at our Ultimate Road Trip Bucket List!

2. Summer music festival

Maybe because this summer I’m particularly impressed with the music festival lineups (check out Pemberton) but I’m itching to cross this bad boy off my bucket list. And I may also have bad jealousy to everyone who is at Coachella right now (send us a pic, let us live through you).

3. Camp on the beach

As someone pointed out so poignantly on our Instagram account, make sure you can high enough away from the tide, so you’re now swept away during the middle of the night, even though that would be a pretty cool story.

4. Learn to surf/boogie board/wakeboard/skimboard

To me summer means water sports. But I understand that some of you’s aren’t so lucky to have the ocean a stones throw away… So I left this goal a little open, because lakes are just as awesome.


5. Go fruit picking and bake (mmmm)

Fresh fruit in the summer is simply the best, but fresh fruit in a pie is even better.

6. Host a bbq/summer solstice party

Why not kick off the start of summer with a bang! Since June 21 is the official start of summer, and the shortest night of the year, things just sort of make sense! Plus since it is the shortest night of the year, this party is the perfect place to complete #8!

7. Watch Fireworks

A summer staple, watching fireworks with family and friends is a must do for every summer bucket list!

8. Watch the sunrise (after staying awake all night)

There is something so magical about staying up all night to watch the sun rise on a warm summer evening. The silence is beautiful as everything is still, for even just a moment.

9. Volunteer at your local park clean up

Since old man winter was a particularly nasty one for so many of us this year, the parks got quite a beating. Help make your local community as beautiful as the people living in it.


10. Finally (and most crucially) make the perfect S’more

No explanation needed, but we’ll volunteer as quality control, for the sake of your goal!

Got anything you’re dying to do this summer? Let us know, we’ll keep adding to the list!

PS. We’re about to kick off our crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds we need to complete the Bucket List App! Help us check off one of the biggest items from our bucket list, and you’ll get some pretty neat stuff in return!

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Bucket List Idea #8 – See the Big 5 Game in the Wild

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…. Well at least lions! The African ‘Big 5’ are some of the most majestic animals on the planet and are definitely worthy of your bucket list!
If you’re not familiar, the big five game is the are a group of animals typically seen on an African safari. Originally named the ‘big 5’ because of difficulty of poaching on foot, now refers to seeing the animals on a safari for tourism and preservation uses.

Loin's Love

They are, the African elephant, black rhinoceros, cape buffalo, African Lion, and the African Leopard. So you’re pretty much seeing the cast of the Lion King all in one go! The sad thing about this list, is that it may be a fleeting dream of many people because much of the natural habitat of these creatures is gone, leaving them threatened and vulnerable to poachers.

elephant bucketlist

Seeing an African Elephant in the wild has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. There something truly majestic about the size and grace of the animal. And of course there’s the lion, who I think every child growing up with Disney would love to seen in their natural habitat. For me, I hope to travel to Tanzania, and go on an over-night safari. There’s something so exciting about hearing the animals move around at night, and kind of dangerous. Go with a safari  tour group who can make all the arrangements for you. After all they are unpredictable, being with someone who knows these animals day in and day out, will know where to go and how you can have the best experience.


If you are planning an African Safari soon make sure you plan on contacting a registered tour operator before hand, so you and the animals remain safe and unharmed. If you’ve been on a safari, I’d love to know about the experience. Comment below and share your story!

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Bucket List Idea #6 – Go Surfing

There are few things in this world where you really feel a true and deep connection to mother nature. Or at least I find it a difficult task when Facebook, twitter and generally just my phone is a major distraction. But surfing was one of those things that is able to take you back to the beginnings and something I will never forget. Surfing is really just the perfect bucket list idea to add to your list.

My story starts at the beginning of my final year of collage at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. Tofino is a surfers paradise and just happens to be a short ferry trip, and a few hours drive away. As a adventurous group of friends we went on the Annual UBC surf trip. And my life was forever changed.



For those of you that don’t know, Tofino is located in the Pacific North West. It’s not polar vortex cold, but it ain’t no tropical beach. It was chilly, but we were excited, so we suited up, carried our boards out to the beach and prepared to be the next Kelly Slaters in no time. There was one slight problem, the extent of our training was (and I quote) just paddle, paddle, paddle, and when you feel it, just up throw a shaka and ride it out.We rented our gear from an awesome local surf shop called Relec Surf Shop in Ucluelet (they are seriously the best) and set off to crush one of my top bucket list items.

Not the greatest instructions, but I had watched Blue Crush enough times to know what I was doing… I didn’t. The best way I can describe how my muscles felt the next day was (excuse my language) it felt like getting bitch slapped by mother nature. The ocean deserves our outmost respect.

But aside from that, the feeling when you finally figure things out (a little) riding a wave is incredible! What made this weekend truly memorable was achieving something that I wanted to do for so long with some of my closest friends.

If you’re near an ocean, or are ready to go on one heck of an adventure try surfing!

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Bucket List Idea #4 – Road Trip

Pack your bags, gas up the car, it’s time for a road trip! Whether your going cross country, or a couple hours away, here’s why taking a road trip is one of the best bucket list ideas ever! Let me paint a picture for you – you’re cruisin’ down the highway, windows open, your favourite song playing on the radio, not a care in the world. That is the beauty of a road trip. Here at bucketlist.org we believe that it’s all about the journey, not just the destination so why not plan out a mini bucket list to hit in the process!

The Ultimate Road Trip Bucket List

1. Choose a soundtrack for your adventure

There is nothing like having the most perfect song come on the radio on your road trip. A singalong is a road trip right of passage! It’s a great way to create memories. I can’t tell you how many songs that are tied to these mini vacations. Making the perfect playlist is the first step in having the perfect trip.

2. Stop at a small town nobodies heard of before

I come from Saskatchewan, a province in Canada thats surrounded with hundreds of unexplored towns. Making a quick pit stop always turned into something more exciting. From discovering the best old fashioned ice cream to seeing the world largest easter egg, small town are full of gems to be discovered.

3. Make a food passport

I love food. So this idea appealed to me a lot! A food passport is simply documenting all the exciting, noteworthy or classic meals that you want to try when your on your road trip! Its an awesome souvenir as well, and a good way to keep track of the best (or sometimes worst) meals of your life.

4. Camp under the stars

Driving through the country gives you the opportunity that most of us city dwellers just don’t have, the chance to see the stars. And not just the north star that shines so bright, but a beautiful sky. Camping is cost effective and a sweet way to connect with nature. If your lucky enough to living in a warm environment, camping under the stars can be one of the most memorable and freeing experiences, thats totally instagram worthy, but you’ll be too in shock of the beauty to take photos.

5. Keep a photo diary

Road trips are meant for the spontaneous. Document your journey from taking a group shot in front of your vehicle to all of the adventures you’ll take. It’s also a great gift to compile the photos from your trip and give it to your travelling companion. Something they’ll treasure for a very long time!



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Bucket List Idea #3 – Flyboard

What could be more James Bond like than strapping on a jet pack and soaring through the air. Well my friends, the future is now, with this relatively new extreme sport, flyboarding! A great bucket list idea for you adrenaline junkies!

About Flyboarding

A lot of people would probably recognize the sport by seeing it, but not by name (or at least  I didn’t). Flyboarding is a super new extreme sport where essentially you strap on a water jet pack and through water propulsion you hover in the air. I’ll be honest, my description does not do it justice, but just take a look at the photo below, it’s pretty sweet!

flyboard bucket list

3 Reasons You should add Flyboarding to your Bucketlist.org

1. Try an Extreme Sport

One of the newest and coolest sports to hit the scene in years, flyboarding involves muscle and patience to master. Essentially you’re harnessing the power of water to lift yourself off the lake (or body of water) and soar. You’ll feel an awesome sense of accomplishment and look dope doing it! Take a few friends and it will be an experience you’ll never forget, the perfect item to add to your bucket list!

2. Swim like a Dolphin

Not only is flyboarding just hovering above a lake, but once you become a little bit of a pro, you can swim majestically like a dolphin. Yes you heard me flyboarding will let you swim like a dolphin. Take a look at the clip below, I know you might be an amateur going into the sport, but I’m sure with a little time and determination you’ll be sailing in and out of the water in no time.

5. You’re Flying

If nothing else, you’re flying! I think this is the closest thing humans get to actually feeling like flying. And not only that, but you’ll be looking very cool in some futuristic technology. Sgerm7 (a bucketlist.org member) described his experience like this, “Flyboarding is the closest thing you can get to actually flying. Hovering 15 feet above the water with only a board attached to my feet was the coolest feeling ever!” Want more extreme bucket list ideas? Check out some of our most popular goals, here.

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Bucket List Idea #2 – Go Paragliding

It takes a certain kind of spirit to willingly jump off of a mountain. Not just jump, but run full speed at what should be impending doom. But instead of plummeting to the rocks below, you take flight and gracefully glide through the air, getting a perspective on the world, previously reserved only for birds. That’s why this weeks bucket list idea is paragliding!

Paragliding is an experience unlike any other, embracing both the dare-devil and poet that lives inside each and every one of us!


Here’s why paragliding is the perfect bucket list idea!

1. Hike and Enjoy Nature

This may be obvious, but in order to reach these summits (to jump from) you often have to hike up with your equipment. Now I’m not going to lie, it will be a grind, but what could be a greater way to get down the mountain (than perhaps sledding) than to literally fly down the face of the hill!

2. Conquer a Fear

Paragliding is a great medium extreme sport for people just getting a taste for adrenalin! Not quite as scary as jumping out of an airplane, but it’s still going to get your heart pumping! An added bonus is having an expert guide to all of the grunt work for you. All you need to do is sit back in the harness, trust that everything is going to be okay, and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience that will make a lot of your friends jealous.

3. Your Flying

There are few times in life when you can truly feel like you’re flying free. The first is when you reach that pivotal moment on the swings in grade school, and you were certain that you may never come back down. A second time may be if you are brave enough to take the leap out of an airplane. The third, and a solid medium between the former is paragliding.

Check out some other sweet ideas over at bucketlist.org!

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