The Bucketlist App Kickstarter is Live!

Bucketlist are so happy to announce the launch of their kickstarter campaign to raise the fund for the much needed Bucketlist App! We are so humbled by the support and successes of our community. Take a look at what some people have to say:

We know that there is one major part of the bucket list experience missing, a mobile app. So we’re turning to the fantastic Bucketlist community to ask for your help to develop the app – we’ve launched the Bucketlist App Kickstarter Campaign! Check out our kickstarter here!

But what’s a kickstarter without some awesome rewards? We created this handy infographic so you can see what you’ll get by supporting our project.

rewards-info-gFor more information check out the full campaign here!

Anything helps, and I want to personally thank you in advance for all your support and helping Bucketlist become what it is!

The Bucketlist App Kickstarter Campaign