About Bucketlist

About Us

Help 100 million people be on the path to achieving their life goals.

About Bucketlist.org

Bucketlist.org is a place where you can jot down your life’s ambitions, then tell the story once they’ve been accomplished. You know all those things you swear you’re going to do before you die? This is where you keep track of them.

What makes Bucketlist.org different?

  • The goal of Bucketlist.org is to give you one place to track and achieve your life goals
  • This is also a great place to find inspiration in the accomplishments of others
  • You can also see how others have achieved their goals.
  • We’ve made it easy to share your upcoming and completed accomplishments

Use Bucketlist to chronicle your accomplishments, to find other goals you might find interesting, and to encourage others to get it done. Bucketlist is a web-based personal intentions system, a social network, a repository of interesting stories, and a way to meet people who think like you do.

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