Bucket List Spotlight – Mauritius

Where in the world can you find crystal clear oceans, pristine beaches, the sweetest pineapple you’ve ever tasted and the home of the last dodo bird? Why Mauritius of course!

“Huh?” I can hear a lot of you going. Well let me take you on a journey to one of the most beautiful bucket list worthy destinations I have been to.

02MU00-IM1002-mauritius-1475So delicious, so Mauritius. The tropical paradise is located in the Indian ocean just east of Madagascar. I was lucky enough to visit the island a few years ago, as my father was born and raised there, and let me tell you it was most definitely a once and a lifetime experience. The island had so much to offer, especially for a girl from the flat prairies of Saskatchewan.

Even though we had family there, we stayed at the Coco Beach Hotel. A beautiful oasis filled with activities, beaches, and huts located right on the water. Sadly the hotel has been taken over by the Long-Beach hotel Mauritius which I’m sure has the same luxury to offer.

If you’re looking for non-traditional bucket list destinations, take a look at my top five bucket list worthy things to do in the effervescent Mauritus.


Picture the jungles of Jurassic Park…. with a lot of monkeys. Black River Gorges is stunning. The lush hills host jungles of every color of green you could imagine – plus cascading waterfalls. And there are monkeys who are definitively not adverse to tourists. You can give them food, although that probably isn’t advised by the park rangers.

tortoiseJust like crush from Finding Nemo, these giant and majestic creatures can live for hundreds of years. Tortoises roam the island and a genuinely are quite kind and gentle creatures… as long as you stay away from their mouths which could probably bite off a finger or two. Visit the crocodile and giant tortoises park to make sure you get up close and personal with these reptiles.

gbassinAlso known as Ganga Talao, the lake is a sacred place for Hindus. You really get a taste of culture here. Pilgrimages are common and you can even participate in ceremonies to be blessed by the gurus and temple leaders.


I am a sun worshiper. I adore any beach, but this one really captured my heart. Perfection. The water was the crystal clear, the sand on the beach was fine and white, and you could even see fish swimming about the coral a few meters out. When I was there, I bought what I thought was a small pineapple, but it was so much more. So sweet and fresh, the perfect snack. Experts on the beach carve off the skin and lightly spiralize the fruit. They then shove a stick in the bottom and ask if you want chili salt sprinkled on it. Sounds gross right? Wrong, the pineapple and salt and a match made in heaven. Highly recommend you sprinkle a little over the fruit.

colored-earth-mauritius-bucket-listThe seven colored earths are a small area of sand dunes made up of 7 colors. The earths are a sight to see. It’s almost like a giant tie-dye of sand. Beautiful colors that never seem to erode.

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