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Bucket List Idea #8 – See the Big 5 Game in the Wild

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…. Well at least lions! The African ‘Big 5’ are some of the most majestic animals on the planet and are definitely worthy of your bucket list!
If you’re not familiar, the big five game is the are a group of animals typically seen on an African safari. Originally named the ‘big 5’ because of difficulty of poaching on foot, now refers to seeing the animals on a safari for tourism and preservation uses.

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They are, the African elephant, black rhinoceros, cape buffalo, African Lion, and the African Leopard. So you’re pretty much seeing the cast of the Lion King all in one go! The sad thing about this list, is that it may be a fleeting dream of many people because much of the natural habitat of these creatures is gone, leaving them threatened and vulnerable to poachers.

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Seeing an African Elephant in the wild has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. There something truly majestic about the size and grace of the animal. And of course there’s the lion, who I think every child growing up with Disney would love to seen in their natural habitat. For me, I hope to travel to Tanzania, and go on an over-night safari. There’s something so exciting about hearing the animals move around at night, and kind of dangerous. Go with a safari ┬átour group who can make all the arrangements for you. After all they are unpredictable, being with someone who knows these animals day in and day out, will know where to go and how you can have the best experience.


If you are planning an African Safari soon make sure you plan on contacting a registered tour operator before hand, so you and the animals remain safe and unharmed. If you’ve been on a safari, I’d love to know about the experience. Comment below and share your story!

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