Bucket List Idea #4 – Road Trip

Pack your bags, gas up the car, it’s time for a road trip! Whether your going cross country, or a couple hours away, here’s why taking a road trip is one of the best bucket list ideas ever!┬áLet me paint a picture for you – you’re cruisin’ down the highway, windows open, your favourite song playing on the radio, not a care in the world. That is the beauty of a road trip. Here at bucketlist.org we believe that it’s all about the journey, not just the destination so why not plan out a mini bucket list to hit in the process!

The Ultimate Road Trip Bucket List

1. Choose a soundtrack for your adventure

There is nothing like having the most perfect song come on the radio on your road trip. A singalong is a road trip right of passage! It’s a great way to create memories. I can’t tell you how many songs that are tied to these mini vacations. Making the perfect playlist is the first step in having the perfect trip.

2. Stop at a small town nobodies heard of before

I come from Saskatchewan, a province in Canada thats surrounded with hundreds of unexplored towns. Making a quick pit stop always turned into something more exciting. From discovering the best old fashioned ice cream to seeing the world largest easter egg, small town are full of gems to be discovered.

3. Make a food passport

I love food. So this idea appealed to me a lot! A food passport is simply documenting all the exciting, noteworthy or classic meals that you want to try when your on your road trip! Its an awesome souvenir as well, and a good way to keep track of the best (or sometimes worst) meals of your life.

4. Camp under the stars

Driving through the country gives you the opportunity that most of us city dwellers just don’t have, the chance to see the stars. And not just the north star that shines so bright, but a beautiful sky. Camping is cost effective and a sweet way to connect with nature. If your lucky enough to living in a warm environment, camping under the stars can be one of the most memorable and freeing experiences, thats totally instagram worthy, but you’ll be too in shock of the beauty to take photos.

5. Keep a photo diary

Road trips are meant for the spontaneous. Document your journey from taking a group shot in front of your vehicle to all of the adventures you’ll take. It’s also a great gift to compile the photos from your trip and give it to your travelling companion. Something they’ll treasure for a very long time!



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