Bucket List Destination Idea – Tanzania

I’m not sure if many of you can tell from some of the older blog articles… but I kind of really want to go on an African Safari. In fact it’s one of my top travel bucket list destinations that I want to do before the time I hit 30.

There is just so much to be discovered in the beautiful country that just draws me in…. and I think you’ll be just as enamoured with Tanzania. So here’s why I think Tanzania is the puuurrrfect bucket list destination.

But first, a little background info is in order. Tanzania is borders the Indian ocean, and has long been acclaimed as one of the best places you have to see before you die. Here’s a little fun fact about the country, did you know Tanzania has both the highest and lowest points of Africa?

4 Reasons Tanzania is the Perfect Bucket List Destination

1. You can go on a safari

Well, the intro pretty much summed it up, I think safaris are the best. Seeing an abundance of animals in the wild, animals I’d only previously seen in the Lion King, would probably be one of the best moments of my young life so far. I know my chances of seeing Pumbaa, Timon, and Simba all happily playing together on the savannah are pretty slim, but let me hold on to that 1% chance that they might all break out into Hakuna Matata.

zebra tanzania

lion tanzania

giraffe tanzania


2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa (fun fact), and one of the most sought after peaks to climb in the world. Here’s a story from our own founding partner, Jason, on his experience hiking to the peak,

“My wife and I climbed Kilimanjaro as a part of our honeymoon. It was an amazing experience. My wife, was wonderful and booked the whole trip with our travel agent. We used a guide company called Wild Safari. We hiked Rongai route which took us five nights. The route was surprisingly mellow (and flat for the first few days). You could’ve ridden a bike up the trail if it wasn’t so dusty and sandy. Although we were scheduled to go on a group hike it turned out that it was just my wife and I supported by approximately 5-6 guides and porters. We were totally spoiled, when we arrived at camp each day dinner would be cooked and our tent was already set up. My dad, who’s an avid climber/hiker says this isn’t really hiking but I had a great time. As we approached the summit, the elevation became very noticeable. I was in decent shape having just come off triathlon training and was comfortable running long distances but on summit day I was totally winded. I’m going to keep adding to this post over time.”

kilamanjaro tanzania

digitalphotography.net3. Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Tanzania borders the Indian Ocean and boasts some of the worlds finest beaches in the world. Safaris, meet tropics, meet beaches, sounds like paradise to me.

tanzania bucket list 1

4. Experience Maasai Culture

The Maasai culture is distinctive in customs and dress, traditional and nomadic to the land. I’m sure I’m not doing the Maasai people any justice by trying to tell you about them, so as they say, a picture says a thousand words.

masaii 2(photomaasai tanzania

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