2014 in Review – Bucketlist Achievements Around the World

Happy 2015! 2014 was an EPIC year for Bucketlist around the world, and there are some pretty remarkable stories to share. To kick off the New Year in style take a look at 4 inspiring success stories from exciting Bucketlisters just like you.

Starting with one of the most challenging bucket list goals around, Mike Horst’s story of how he conquered Everest


My first experience on Everest was a bit unique as I was hired to guide it. I had experience on other peaks in other 8000m peaks in the Himalayas and had been working as a mountain guide for around 10 years. I went there with Alpine Ascents International as one of their guides. And it was amazing, it was everything I hoped it was – a very busy place –  but still really enjoyable. The terrain you climb through is absolutely spectacular, going up through the Khumbu icefall is exhilarating and beautiful. The summit ridge is absolutely spectacular, straddling the highest terrain on the planet between China and Nepal and climbing up as the sun rises, and as many teams progress up and down the mountain, is an experience I will cherish forever.

It can be underestimated, even though it is a challenging goal, and people realize that, still folks will show up slightly under-prepared physically and or maybe they haven’t done enough research as they should in terms of the appropriate gear to take with them or services to hire. Certainly the success rate on Everest goes up when someone chooses to hire an experienced guide or guide team to take on Everest.

You want to be physically fit, and have a certain amount of strength and power, but most importantly – on the physical side of things – you want to have a certain amount of endurance. A high cardio output and the ability to go for hours on end. Beyond the physical side of things you must have a certain level of mental fortitude to endure and enjoy – hopefully – the process of working hard on the mountain for that many days. People often see the summit as the end of the journey, and people make the mistake of letting their guard down mentally and their body physically, which is dangerous for the decent. What we work really hard to do is to prepare people for the duration of the entire endurance, the 65 days of climbing and trekking. On summit days specifically, to realize that the climb is to the top and back to our tent that day, and that getting to the summit is only the half-way point of the day.

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Went on a trip with my family for the first time since I was fifteen. We`re going to Schladming on a ski-trip, but I managed to persuade them to spend a few days in Graz first. Graz is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. I can`t even begin to explain it. It was everything I had expected and more. It blew me away! The architecture, the people, the design, etc. Everything was magnificent. I`m just sad we couldn`t spend more time there, but I will definitely be going back some day, preferably – very, very soon.

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Waking up at 5am whilst on holiday, I really hoped that the trip would be worth it. It was an hour drive to a harbour in Cancun. We were offered a very light breakfast, accompanied with a tablet for sea-sickness. I have to admit that I am glad I took it now, as I still felt a bit green towards the end of the day.

After another hour-long, this time by boat south of Cancun to find where the school were on this day. If you have read my previous post, I mentioned our tour guide, Yann, well he was also my guide this trip too. He was responsible for takings the pics and videos throughout the day and did an awesome job. Thanks to him I have some great photos from that day. Cheers Yann!

Once the whale sharks are sighted, we got to have three dives each in groups of three, including a guide. The captain would drive his boat in front of the whale shark, whilst we were perched on the edge ready to jump in, snorkel secured until the captain gives his signal, “VAMOS!” and drop in front of the whale shark’s mouth, which was a daunting site at first! You then swim as hard as you can to keep up with this graceful thing and enjoy watching the whale shark go about its own business, mouth wide open, paying no attention to the likes of us swimming beside in absolute awe.

Believe me, it is hard work. I was shattered after my 3 dives and felt a little worse for wear, the effectiveness of the seasick tablet had obviously worn off. It it was a little bit “luck of the drawer” stuff. I managed to have two great dives with two quick whale sharks, but saw others barely having to swim because their whale shark was far more docile.

All in all, what an experience. It was something I didn’t tell anyone other than my partner that I was doing and it was great to see peoples’ reaction. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity because you can only swim with whale sharks in three parts of the world, Australia, the Philippines and thankfully, Mexico.

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I was 11 and visiting My grandfather in Sweden. He lives far up north and had ordered a private helicopter Ride for Me and My family.  For over an hour we flew over the alpine mountains and the forests, with the landscape and the Snow – it was absolutely amazing.

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Sara Ruthnum

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