You only fail when you stop trying

It’s official, we’re in the final months of 2015. Just a little over 3 months it will be time to shake off the christmas slumber and jump start 2016.

Even though it feel like just yesterday we set those amazing resolutions goals for the year, it’s actually time to shake off that list and realize that the only time limits with have on our goals are self imposed.

One of the biggest lessons in life is realizing there is no failure but the failure to stop trying.  (more…)

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Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life

Time is the most valuable currency.

Imagine that you had a bank account that at the beginning of every day got £86,400 put into it, but at the end of every day, that money disappeared. Now imagine – you’d take that money out wouldn’t you, you’d take it out, spend it on yourself, you’d give the money to someone else, you’d take the money out and store it. You wouldn’t let this £86,400 disappear.


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3 of my favorite bucket list ideas

Well, it’s Monday, which means that we are all due for a little day dreaming. And because I love sharing my life with you, I thought I’d share three of my favorite bucket list ideas I can’t wait to tackle one day soon. I’m not going to lie, these don’t really have any theme in common other than they are all on my bucket list. Scroll on to check them out, add to your own bucket list, or simply read about other people’s experiences tackling these bucket list goals.


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Hack your Bucket List – How to Write and Publish a Book (Part 1)

I’ve always loved writing. For me, words were the perfect medium to express my thoughts. However never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be publishing a book, with readers around the world, before the age of 25. That was until July 2014.

On a sunny day like any other – as I’m sure so many stories begin – one meeting would change the course of my being. Let me preface this, writing a book is a lot of work, like a lot – like way, way, more work than I thought. But it has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences in my life. What I realized during the entire process was that some things could have been stream lined if there was a sort of guide out there – a manual to hack writing and publishing a book. 


PS Check out Do Epic Sh*t now available on Amazon! 


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