This is your time to make your biggest dream come true… No really!

Having a bucket list is an incredible tool to guide your life and help you live your dreams. However, a large hurdle so many people face is not having the financial means to tackle their ever-growing bucket list.

Well, I’m so excited to share with you an incredible opportunity from Who Wants to be a Millionaire!logo

Who Wants to be a Millionaire is hosting a special bucket list themed week – to help you achieve some of your life goals – and we want to see you on TV. (more…)

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Live life with a little spice

“Variety’s the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” – William Cowper

About a year ago, this article changed my life.

Working for a company like Bucketlist can sometimes have its challenges mainly  because you’re inundated with a constant reminder that the end is inevitable. However I’ve learned to take this as the ultimate blessing in disguise – even when I have to verbally remind myself of the privileged position I’m in – because through a random sequence of events, I am here, working for an amazing company that encourages myself and thousands of people around the world to live life. It’s all about living, and in the end, like that fatally poignant article suggests, people don’t remember the hate, or the daily grind.  (more…)

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The 5 most difficult bucket list items to accomplish

Working for Bucketlist, has given me some pretty neat insights into people’s goals and ambitions. Not only the incredibly inspirational successes, but also some interesting tidbits on life. And although not impossible, these next 5 goals seem to be the most challenging to achieve – for some reason or another.

* We calculated this list by dividing the number of people who included this goal on their list (doing) by the number of people who have completed it (done) to get the percentage of completion – based on over 245,000 members.


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Bucketlist Roundup – The Top 5 Bucket List Achievements of the Week

A couple weeks ago, we announced the new release of the completed goals on Bucketlist and asked for members to send their best and brightest bucket list accomplishments to us! We were astonished – and oh so proud – of all of the awesome things that you all have achieved. So much so that we can’t help but share the inspiration in this weeks bucket list achievements round up (just click on the image to read more or add to your list). (more…)

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Adventures in the Pacific Northwest – Whale Watching

Not typically the first bucket list item to come to mind, like Skydiving or Climbing Everest, however whale watching is totally doable regardless of your climbing skill or daredevil nature – you just need to get to an ocean I suppose!

In the beginning, I had my doubts about whale watching. I was nervous about whether or not we would see anything at all. The guarantee the Vancouver Whale Watch offers is that you have to see whales or else you can keep coming back for free. Which, at the time meant we might not see them, but luckily we did and it was awesome!  Cedric the owner and his staff were super friendly and immediately put our worries to ease, it was the perfect day to see orcas!


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You are in the perfect position to start living your dreams

I always loved the saying, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” It’s the anti-procrastination – kick in the butt – that I often need to get off the couch and go after the life I want to live, not just the one I have to live. I definitely wasn’t always this way, and to be completely honest I sometimes slip back in to the old “I’ll do it tomorrow” patterns. If there’s one piece of insight I can share, don’t leave it until tomorrow, or next year.


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Bucket List Spotlight – Mauritius

Where in the world can you find crystal clear oceans, pristine beaches, the sweetest pineapple you’ve ever tasted and the home of the last dodo bird? Why Mauritius of course!

“Huh?” I can hear a lot of you going. Well let me take you on a journey to one of the most beautiful bucket list worthy destinations I have been to.


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Living the Extreme Dream

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

The Science of the Extreme

Standing at the edge of a cliff, most people’s reactions would be to run and hide, right? So, why is it that some people would have the audacity to jump? It seems to go against all the laws of Mother Nature, but there must be something to these activities to draw so many people to do them. Turns out it may go back to man’s most basic instinct, fight or flight, caused by the production of adrenaline.


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How to live the life of your bucket list dreams

What’s the difference between dreams, goals, and reality?

In 2015 there is very little left that’s completely impossible to achieve. Space travel is becoming commercialize, we are more connected than ever to far off places, and ideas are shared between thousands of people in a single tweet.


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