When in doubt be Arnold.

Listen to the wise, wise words of former Governor Schwarzenegger

Arnold may be the butt of many jokes now, but let’s never forget, he is an exceptionally devoted and successful achiever. When he sets his mind on accomplishing a goal, he crushes it. From becoming Mr. Olympia, to dominating movie franchises, to marrying a Kennedy, to running the sunny state of California, we here in the Bucket List community would call Arnold a goal setting superstar. Here’s to Arnold and his top 10 most motivational quotes and how you can terminate your bucket list – sorry couldn’t help it.


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Festivals Around the World – Bucket List Worthy Events for Jan – Feb 2015

Festivals are as unique as the people celebrating, and an amazing addition to your bucket list. With the beginning of the year, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to dive into some of the most intriguing events from around the world – and who knows, maybe next year you’ll be there in person.  So sit down and take a peak into some of the best bucket list ideas on the planet – the festival roundup of January 2015.

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F*ck Failure | F*ck Fear – Why Persistence Should Be Your Focus

Why Persistence Should Be Your Focus

Failing sucks. Sorry to be so blunt and abrasive, but it is just the worst and most infuriating thing in the world. Every time I fail, I’m angry, I’m embarrassed and I’m deterred from continuing on. On no level would I consider myself a perfectionist, but for some reason even the thought of letting myself or someone else down makes my brain go into overdrive and my stomach churn with anxiety. The fear of failure is a challenge I face on a daily basis – but 2015 is the year I’m pledging to say yes to more. By no means at all am I going to turn into Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” but I’ve decided it’s the right time in my life to start going after what I truly want and let go of inhibitions and my preconceived notions of my limits. (more…)

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Make Your Resolutions Stick in 2015

25% of people give up on their New Years Resolutions ONE WEEK after they set them and only 19% keep their pledges after two years- source

Four out of five people fail to hit any of their resolutions. A sad statistic, but an eye opening one; why do New Years Resolutions fail? The first of January is full of hope, excitement, planning and potential, but as I sit here, just 14 days after the New Year rang in, those goals feel more of a distant memory. It boils down to poor goal setting, making executing and hitting your targets seemingly impossible. In this article I’m going to dive deep into the basics of goal setting and break down an exceptional study by John Norcross of the Department of Psychology, University of Scranton. (more…)

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2014 in Review – Bucketlist Achievements Around the World

Happy 2015! 2014 was an EPIC year for Bucketlist around the world, and there are some pretty remarkable stories to share. To kick off the New Year in style take a look at 4 inspiring success stories from exciting Bucketlisters just like you.

Starting with one of the most challenging bucket list goals around, Mike Horst’s story of how he conquered Everest


My first experience on Everest was a bit unique as I was hired to guide it. I had experience on other peaks in other 8000m peaks in the Himalayas and had been working as a mountain guide for around 10 years. I went there with Alpine Ascents International as one of their guides. And it was amazing, it was everything I hoped it was – a very busy place –  but still really enjoyable. (more…)

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The Staycation Bucket List

Did you know that every US state and Canadian province and territory are represented on BucketList.org? Not just BucketList.org visitors, but every state, province and territory appear on someone’s bucket list. That means that someone actually wants to come to where you live no matter how boring you think the place might be.

So here’s a quick guide on how to build a local, staycation, even, budget bucket list for your very own home state.

Use BucketList.org


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Hang gliding

Hang Gliding: Fly Like Superman

Hang gliding is the perfect bucket list goal for those who’ve always wished for the super power to fly.

A hang glider is a triangular sail with an aluminum frame. This is different from a paraglider, which is more of a parachute. In a hang glider, you’re facing down and forward – like you’re flying – while in a paraglider, you’re in more of a seated position. The two are often confused, with paragliding showing up on more bucket lists, but I’d like you to consider hang gliding too.

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